OCT 30, 2014

HOA Management Solutions

In 2012, an estimated 63.4 million individuals were members of a homeowners association, or HOA, in the United States. These organizations, which help provide residents with shared neighborhood values and opportunities for reduced ownership responsibilities, first emerged in the U.S. in the mid-19th century and have become increasingly popular since 1964. Today, HOAs typically emerge after a developer has finished building a new neighborhood as a way to help the area continue to thrive. However, many HOAs may find themselves asking one question: how will the community board successfully manage and implement changes in the community?

Even if an HOA is managed successfully, your neighborhood may still need a way to effectively institute changes and fix problems. Fortunately, homeowners association property management services can provide HOA management solutions to fill this gap. But how do you know if you will need an HOA management company’s help? Read on to find out!

If You and Your Neighbors Don’t Have the Necessary Skills, Hire HOA Management Services
Some neighborhoods have a high concentration of people with careers or proven experience in finance, taxes, construction, legal affairs, communications or project management, all of which can help an HOA succeed. Others, unfortunately, do not, which can result in some costly mistakes. If your neighborhood falls into the latter category, hiring an HOA management service can help you enforce rules and make needed changes.

If No One Has the Time, Turn it Over to a Professional
You and your neighbors likely have a lot of responsibilities to manage over the course of an average day. While this is understandable, it can make it difficult to properly ensure that rules are followed and plans are followed through, even if you have applicable skills. If you can’t fit the necessary meetings and tasks into your schedule, don’t sweat it: hire a professional.

If Experience Could Help, Call a Company
If you find yourself faced with an issue with amenities that requires technical experience or otherwise, handling it yourself might only waste time and money. Professional property managers count these services as one of their many HOA management solutions: they can put their experience in both administrative and technical issues to work to avoid unnecessary expenses and keep the neighborhood in working order.

There are a number of factors to consider before instituting an HOA or hiring a professional service to provide HOA management solutions. Discuss the matter with your neighbors. Decide whether your neighborhood can afford to hire an HOA management service, and debate whether having professional help your community board would be worth the expense. If you decide to go for it, don’t wait: contact a HOA property management service.

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