OCT 24, 2014

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Homeowners associations originally emerged in the United States in the mid-19th century and began growing in popularity in 1964. Today, homeowners associations are a common community feature that are typically implemented after a developer completes their work in a neighborhood. For this reason, an estimated 25.9 million homeowners were members of a homeowners association in 2012, a number equivalent to around 63.4 million individuals. But while a number of HOAs are successfully run by boards comprised of community members, many homeowners simply do not have the time necessary to successfully accomplish their goals for their neighborhood. Fortunately, a solution has emerged: homeowners association property management services now provide property management services to ensure that every HOA runs as smoothly and effectively as possible, creating the best environment for residents.

Homeowners associations, or HOA, are designed to provide residents with shared neighborhood values and decreased ownership responsibilities. While HOAs function as non-profit organizations, these services are typically paid for with shares of common expenses, which are most commonly based on square footage or per-unit. HOA property management services increase the convenience of this already beneficial service. While members of a community board typically have to juggle their careers, families, and other responsibilities, HOA property managers are often specially trained and have years of experience helping communities thrive. By working with these professionals, you can therefore ensure that a community board’s plans for a neighborhood will be instituted and enforced smoothly and effectively.

Currently, there are an estimated 325,203 homeowners associations located in the United States. Accordingly, as many as 901,726 people are employed by HOA association management companies. Can this service help your neighborhood better manage resident responsibilities and create a better community as a whole? Contact a HOA residential property management service today to find out!

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